Cesme Altinkum Beach


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Cesme Altinkum Beach
Cesme izmir

Lat: 38.267416 / Long: 26.277654
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Cesme Altinkum is wild beach and far away from commercial beaches. There is no access with car. After parking around vicinity of paid beach you have to walk 10 min.


  • Open all year


  • Authorized beach


  • Sea
  • Suitable for swimming

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Surprisingly non-official nudist and LGBT friendly part of long beach. Mostly gay, everybody respect and helpfull to each other. Only one peeping tom exist and i think all beach user know him. Rest of mostly don't care what you wear. No market or facilities around. Take your sun shades and water. Male, female couples and groups is using. Some of them has tent. At night music volume increase and everybody dancing. I didn't stay all night. Sea is crystal clear. I visited 2 days and no one didn't bother me.
Sunshine of Shadow | 26-10-2021
Excellent naturist beach, mostly gay but very clean cold water.
Sisifos | 25-07-2019
Nude friendly. Mostly gay. We visit with our nudist friend 2M2F and no body distrube us
PB | 28-05-2019
There is a deserted section after paid beaches. Take you own supplies. no facilities exist.
Agesall | 09-01-2018

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