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This feels quite a remote beach. We walked to it along the shore from Rerik town beach, and it's about 1.6km north east from the pier. The beach is not as sandy and pleasant as in town - there are more stones and shingle, and more seaweed is washed up here. But it's a reasonable place to spend time sunbathing and swimming in the Baltic. There is plenty of space, and when we were there, a mixed ghroup of beach users - families, couples, singles.
Danny D - Rerik

Darsser Weststrand

This is a wonderful beach. It can only be reached on foot or by bicycle either from Ahrenshoop in the south or through the Darss forest, most easily from Prerow. There are no facilities on the beach. It's clothing optional all the way.

The beach can be windy, and is not very deep, but because it is long and thre are relatively few people making the trip by bike to one of the 3 or 4 beach entrances, it's easy to get away from the crowds.

The sea is good for swimming if you are careful - there are no life guards of course.
Danny D - Darsser Weststrand
Danny D - Darsser Weststrand (2)


This is a lovely small lake, close to Waren (easy walking distance) yet very quiet compared with Müritz. A walk right round the lake takes a couple of hours, and you might see grass snakes, deer, amphibians, and many types of birds.

The edge of the lake closest to Waren centre is the busiest, and there are many families on the sandy beach. If you continue clockwise round the lake on the path that stays close to the shore, you reach a secion with grassy areas where you can sunbathe, and there are several entrances to the water for swimming. You will have to push past reeds at the water's edge. The grassy areas have some thistles - you'll need a blanket to be comfortable.

Here is where people strip off to sunbathe and swim naked. I am not sure how official it is, but it seems to be tolerated - there were several people naked when we visited.
Danny D - Feisnecksee


This is the beach that got me into naturism. It's a lovely stretch of sand with the gentle Baltic water very good for swimming. There are FKK and clothing optional sections designated, and the feel is completely relaxed. Compared with the more segregated beaches west of Lübeck, say, the atmosphere here is som much nicer.

Rostock city website says beach entrances 18-23 are FKK, and 23-25 are clothing optional. To find the beach, drive west along Parkstrasse until you come to a big (paid) car park, then walk across the road and through some trees to the beach, and the FKK area starts immediately and goes a long way to the west.

Highly recommended - though in mid-season it can be quite busy with singles, couples and families.

Holkham Beach

It's huge! But it takes a long time to walk there, and the car parking can be quite difficult in high season. Basically, you park and walk down Queen Anne's Drive until you meet the path that goes parallel to the sea behind the dune system. Turn left (west) away from Wells, and keep walking for a mile or so until you can cut down to the sand near the big George Washington bird hide. The naturist beach is some distance further to the west once you are on the beach. There are signs.

While there are occasional reports of activity in the dunes, the beach is so big you can get away from everyone if you want. Note that the tide comes in fast from a long way out and there are lots of channels and sand banks on this part of the coast, so don't get trapped if you venture out to the water's edge. Oh - it can be windy too. There are no facilities whatsoever.

Naturbad Trautenstein

This is a heavenly place. A natural pool just outside a pretty village close to the Harz Mountains. When we visited, the pool was being managed by the village and there was a function room close by. But I think there was some uncertainty about whether the pool would continue to be looked after.

To find it, you must take a path that branches left off Tannerstrasse a s you leave the village. The pool is down another short path to the left. There is a diving stage and places to sit around the edges. It is the most peaceful place you can imagine.

It is not officially FKK, but if you have it to yourself - which is likely outside peak times - there's no problem stripping off.
Danny D - Naturbad Trautenstein

Plage de Berck-sur-Mer

This is a pleasant beach to the northern end of a busy seaside resort. I have read recently that Berck's "child friendly" policies mean that the naturist beach may be under threat, but for the moment I think it is still official.

To find it, go to the end of Chemin des Anglais, where there is a small car park (you have to pay). It is a short walk on to the sand, and then turn right and walk another 100m or so until you see the first ruins of WW2 concrete gun emplacements. Beyond that point it's OK to take your clothes off.

The sand is good though there is some shingle too. The sea is excellent for swimming. The vibe was relaxed when we went there - in fact, around the start of the naturist section there is a mix of clothed and unclothed, which is good for mixed groups where some are not happy to be nude.

Plage de la Pointe d'Arçay

This is a lovely beach, backed by trees. You can park on the road behind the trees near La Faute and walk through the trees. The naturist section is to the left (south) along the sand and goes on for miles along the peninsula.

The waves can be big, so take care is swimming
Danny D - Plage de la Pointe d'Arçay


The Duindamselag beach at Noordwijk is a longish trek from the car park on Randweg (which can get very busy on sunny days in season). Follow the main footpath to the right out of the car park (along with all the other people walking that way) and you pass some cycle parking and then arrive at a beach pavilion. Once on the beach, turn left and the nude section is a couple of hundred metres.

The beach can get busy - both clothed and nude parts - but if you are prepared to walk further it gets quieter. The atmosphere is great - totally relaxed with a mix of people - families, couples and singles. Almost all nude in the official section, but some mixed nude/clothed groups too.

I agree with Marco's review of the other Noordwijk beach - a very comfortable atmosphere!


We stayed in one of the holiday homes on the park opposite and went over the road to this lovely lake a few times during our stay. The naturist zone is on a little peninsula about a quarter of a mile at about nine o'clock if you arrive at the 6 o'clock position from the entrance. It can be quite busy near the entrance, but if you walk to the naturist part it is quieter. There are many people who cycle round the lake.

The nude area is a mix of trees, bushes and lawns, and it is easy to get into the water to swim. We were a mixed party (two adults, two teenage children, and a mix of nude and non-nude) and found it a pleasant place to spend a few hours. Swimming is very good - the water is soft and refreshing in the heat of the summer.

Some of the reviews mention a lot of single men coming and going, and although we didn't notice that, it wasn't the perfectly chilled, relaxed feeling that there is on, say, Dutch FKK seaside beaches.

The photo shows the lake, looking from about 12 o'clock - the naturist peninsular is in the distance, slightly to the right.
Danny D - Geestmerambacht


Lubmin is a busy seaside resort, but the FKK beach at the western edge of the town is quite peaceful. There is a small car park (you have to pay) near the beach entry.

The sand is soft and the water is very good for swimming.
Danny D - Lubmin
Danny D - Lubmin (2)

Praia do Barril

There is a lot of beach here. It's nice to get to, using the little train or walking alongside. But then when you get to the sand, there is another long walk to the west to reach the official naturist section. Having said that, the beach becomes quite sparsely populated before you reach the nude part, though we were there before high season. There are no facilities on the naturist beach at all. It is deserted and peaceful.


This is a nice family friendly beach.It's not completely sandy as there are little stones as well as the sand, and there can be quite a lot of seaweed washing up, particularly towards the eastern side of the FKK section (which is on the eastern end of the beach, and when we went was marked with a big sign painted on a rock). There is a relaxed feel.

The beach charges an entry fee - at least in the summer. But it is easy to get to and not too busy. It is worth having a wander round the abbey ruins too (which were the subject of a painting by Capsar David Friedrich).
Danny D - Eldena


During holidays in North Holland this has become one of our favourite beaches. It just goes on for miles, and the further south you walk from the town the quieter it becomes. It is huge and there is space for everyone even in summer. The nude area is a little distance away from the town, but there is a beach pavilion close by. Not sure if they would be happy with customers to be nude - we covered up when we went there. It's often windy, of course, but the sand is soft and warm on a sunny day.
Danny D - Callantsoog

FKK strand Pirna-Copitz

This is a nice lake with a designated FKK area. It is easy to get to and there is a car park nearby. You walk past a camp site to get to the large sun-bathing lawns around the lake. Swimming is good. A good mix of people there.

Den Haag Westduinpark

A typical, windy, deep, Netherlands naturist beach. Lovely, totally chilled feel. Places to eat and drink, and toilet facilities nearby. Easy to get to - parking near residential area, then a short walk through the trees.
Danny D - Den Haag Westduinpark

Prerower Nordstrand

A lovely, long stretch of beach. Not very deep, but stretching a few km betwen Prerow and Zingst. Easy to access - there's a cycle path along the top of the low dunes, and behind that, a road with car parks at frequent intervals. A really relaxed vibe, with many people FKK but it's clothing optional really, so some keep some clothes on. No facilities away from the two towns.
DannyD - Prerower Nordstrand
DannyD - Prerower Nordstrand (2)
DannyD - Prerower Nordstrand (3)

Platja dels Balmins

This is a fantastic beach. On a warm sunny day at the end of Feb 2019 (20 degrees C, light winds) I cannot think of a better place to spend a few hours. The atmosphere is great - a wonderful mix of singles, couples and families - some clothed but most nude. I imagine it gets much busier later in the year. It's close to the town centre (just to the town side of the boating marina.
Danny D - Platja dels Balmins
Danny D - Platja dels Balmins (2)
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