About the site

The goal of is to collect useful information for planning a naturist holiday or other naturalist-related activities. The information on this site is posted by the website owners, accommodation managers and visitors.

While we do our best, there is no guarantee for the accuracy of the data and we cannot accept any liability. Before you book a vacation, we recommend you check the destination’s website to determine if the information given on this website is correct.
This website is independent from tour operators and accommodation managers and we expect feedback to provide a reasonable picture of the situation or the destination. Reviews will be removed if they aren’t relevant, verbally abusive or expressions of personal feuds. Visitors with negative experiences are often brought into contact with property managers for mediation purposes. Therefore, we ask visitors to leave their e-mail address (not visible on the website).

Nevertheless, we wish every visitor a pleasurable experience on the website and of course a great naturist experience!
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